Join us and a collection of Master Bike Fitters at one of two events for a session of Professional Shoe Fitting training.
During each event, we aim to develop skills and understanding through a series of talks and practice sessions. These sessions will include:



TIME: 1:00pm - 17:00pm
LOCATION: The Valley, Evesham, WR11 4DS

A facility devoted to cyclists of all levels and the exploration of their cycling potential.

Based on the edge of the Cotswolds, the 18,000 sqft Boardman performance centre is a world-class facility, offering best-in-class services from industry specialists in physiological fitness, function and health, bike-fitting, positional biomechanics and aerodynamics.

On top of the talks and Lake showcase this event will also allow you to take part in a private tour of the Boardman facilities and learn what they can offer you as a bike fitter; this includes the chance to build & develop your bike fit skills by getting hands-on with the Bianca Broadbent and the rest of the Boardman bike fit team in one of the best bike fit facilities in the uk.



TIME: 19:00pm - Late
LOCATION: 120A Sheen Road, London TW9 1UR

Bicycle. was founded in 2006 to support the growing cycling in the borough and have since, with the dedication of James Thomas and his team, become one of the hotbeds of custom bikes in the UK.

To celebrate this achievement and to launch some of Lake’s hottest new products we have designed a night that incorporates the full range of talks and practice sessions but with the added excitement of a great selection of local beers, wines and nibbles.

This personal event will give you the chance to find out everything you need to know about executing and delivering a successful shoe fit and how you can partner with technology to further personalise a customers bike fit.

The speakers...

Bianca Broadbent

Senior Bikefitter and Physiotherapist

Bianca brings together her skills and knowledge as a chartered Physiotherapist with many years of bike positioning experience. She has a particular expertise working with females, and addressing associated saddle issues that may arise as a result of the demands of cycling. Her skill set and expertise also enables her to identify and diagnose any underlying injuries, movement or muscular issues that may be causing discomfort, pain or limiting performance or cycling capacity. Bianca has a wide range of experience, treating weekend warriors through to pro athletes.

Christian Van Asten

Co Owner at Lake Cycling

Christian is the Co-Owner of Lake Cycling and is a wealth of knowledge on all brands of shoes. His vast experience and understanding of cycling shoe fit makes him uniquely qualified to make comparisons and observations across all cycling shoes. This helps him and business partner Bob to steer Lake's design team to produce a shoe range that is second to none for size, shape and fit options. Based at Lakes HQ in Eindhoven, Christian tours Europe and the Far and Middle East presenting Lake’s fantastic range of shoes.

James Thomas

Owner at Bicycle. & Fitter

James’ motto is ‘fit first, buy later’, and it is this mantra which places the cyclist at the centre of the bike fit process at Bicycle Richmond, a specialist bike store in London. In fact, every customer who buys a bike at Bicycle Richmond comes with a bike fitting as a standard part of the process.
His vision for his bike fitting service is to banish clients’ aches and pains and improve their performance by fitting the bike to the individual and taking the whole picture into account. This means looking at his customer’s needs, goals, preferences and idiosyncrasies rather than insisting that the client sticks with the settings that ‘should’ work for them. James is solution-driven rather than sales-driven, and only recommends products or brands if they fit the client and their cycling aims.